Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So it has been a very long time, my weight has risen and fallen, same for my blood pressure. Right now is about getting myself back on track.
I just got a new job 12 midnight to 8:30 AM. it is through a temp agency, there is no end date for this position, I hope that it lasts or goes permanent.

Ive decided that if and when I get used to these hours. I will be hitting the gym after work then coming home and going to bed.

Im trying very much so to keep myself awake right now its 1:30 am and Im ready to pass out. 7 more hours then I can go to sleep.

Lately Ive been in this odd state of blah. Im not in the mood to play my normal online games, or any games for that matter, I don't want to watch TV and there's not much I want to read. I dont want to paint.... or really anything I would normally find fun. I suppose this is depression. I did just get over bad bought of depression so this could be left over blahness.....

my boyfriend is doing his best at the moment to keep me awake. he himself works nightshift and yes he is at work but he is able to text me. Its very sweet of him.