Monday, October 12, 2009

Gym tonight. Tired. Not going on my date Friday, I refuse to be rebound.
Planning on meeting up with someone else some time this week. Ill see how that goes.
Hope for a Job soon.
Gym again tomorrow.

Food choices today? horrible, I cannot go to any more fast food or restaurants.
thats it those are triggers for me, so please as my friend Molly no more asking to go to said places when we go out, because if we do I cant eat. I just cant.

Tonight I passed by the Duncan Doughnuts even though I really really really wanted the Caramel Iced Latte lite.

I passed by the McDonalds even though I wanted some chicken nuggets.

I was going to eat some veggies when I got home but as I got yelled at walking in the door cause I woke my parents up I had to cook something less noisy. so a Nutella Sammich and 8 Oz. of V8 Fruitvusions for me one serving of Veggies and Fruits till tomorrow when I can get the Veggies in I want.

though Im sure maybe one day Ill be able to eat the Veggies I want without ranch dressing on them. though I doubt Ill ever be able to eat peas... ick.


  1. Ashley I am so proud of you. You are recognizing your issues with food and addressing them. I am sure that Molly will respect your wishes because she also wants you to be able to lose weight too. Someday you will get to the point where it will be easier to control your triggers, but for now I applaud you for wanting to resist them.

    Your dinner wasn't so bad, but I am glad you are planning on doing some veggies soon, I think even though you don't love them you will feel better when you eat them.


  2. It really is hard, keep working at it. If you can acknowledge the fact that you messed up, you can learn from it.

    It's the easy way for me to justify eating garbage I know I shouldn't :P