Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yummy guy at the gym. wasnt there tonight... Oh seemed to have forgot to mention the yummy guy huh? welllll oh my god he was YUMMY smexy brown curly hair, smexy silver rimmed glasses, smexy sun shoulder tattoo, smexy arms sexy sexy ass... mmmmmmm I so wanted to nom him.
Nom nom nom. I wants him. he was the perfect combo (looks wise) of Geeky Nerd/ Yummy I go to the gym and lift weight lots guy.

Now I don't know him personally so maybe personality wise I wouldn't like him but he was so sexy to watch. I would lose track of my reps watching him. he was a little thin for my taste, and a little short. I date taller guys just out of habit then again I'm 5 foot 2 its rare I find a man shorter then me. but thin? Id rather not go there I feel I will smoosh any man I date that weigh less then me.
So I'm hoping to lose some weight so I worry less (hopefully)

Today was not an official weigh in day for me Ive decided to do that officially on Sundays. But according to the scale this AM I am down one pound.

On news of my Puppy, I took her to the vet today, (she had double pneumonia when she was only 8 weeks old thanks to the puppy store we got her from) she is no longer sick but as she has been coughing we wanted to make sure she wasnt getting sick again. She is fine but she may have allergies, she is on a cough suppressant and an over the counter allergy medication (for humans very low dosage) she also has a 'yeast' infection in both of her ears, so now I have some special stuff to clean her ears out with.

I hope this link works >.<


anyway thats her! and thats it for me tonight


4 point frozen WW meal

two eggs
1 1/4 Fiber one pancakes
3 peices of sausage (full fat :( I know Im horrible)
1 serving Nutella on the pancakes

1 Large Caramel Latte Lite w/splenda (2 servings of splenda)

yayyy points ..... fuck veggies.... >.>


  1. Wow, you totally wordgasmned on this post...

    Can you guestimate the oz on the sausage?

  2. umms normal sized links... Im really not sure :/ my mom threw the package away