Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today is I hope going to be a good day.... I hope, but not only am I battling my weight I'm also battling with depression and sickness, two things that work very hard to beat me down to keep me from doing the things I need to do such as work out or eat right.... I bought some weights since I cannot afford a gym membership nor can afford Weight Watchers but I am following the plan closely I lost 50 pounds on that diet a few years ago and with the support of my friends I hope to lose more and keep it off I know we can do it! my thoughts are jummbled at the moment I had more I wanted to type... but for now bye I will post my eatings of the day when I eat.

Cup of Noodles - no point Value yet Have to call Ruby she has my points counter.
Water - 0 points
4 grapes- not even sure if that is a serving


  1. Use the digital online calc for right now, and also www.calorieking.com to find your foods with their search! You can come over whenever you like also. <3 u.