Monday, September 28, 2009

For Ruby

1 serving Turkey Pepperoni (snack)
1 can (two servings) Soup (1 serving a can least thats what the front says) (lunch)
1 serving Kashi Cereal (breakfast)
1 serving Almond Milk (breakfast)
1 Serving Pork Chop (for dinner)
2 Servings Cauliflower (dinner)
1 serving Light Ranch (for the Cauliflower)
1 small Apple
1 serving home made Cinnamon dip (Fat Free Cool Whip, Cinnamon, Splenda, Low Fat Cream Cheese)

No Gym today I realized how burnt out I am, Im so tired, and I feel weak not energized like I was. I just need a day to sleep. its raining as well. I love the rain.

Ruby is Rahvi ok? poor baby has his nose stopped bleeding? it doesnt look infected or anything does it?


  1. 12-13pts without the soup. I'm not sure what kind of soup it was so I cant calculate that. :)

    Good Job Ash!

  2. AND Rahvi is fine. :) Thanks for asking.